Helping Transform Your Dog Into Your Ideal Family Companion

Experience the Joy of a Well-Mannered, Happy Dog

Does Your Dog?

Ignore you when you call, especially when distracted?

Pull and bark at other dogs while on leash?

Jump on people?

Get up immediately after you give a sit or down command?

Eat off counters and tables?

Charge through doors?

Bark and lunge at the door?

Stress in the crate?


We understand pet owners want a well-mannered dog they can feel proud to walk past neighbors and bring around family and friends.

We're here to help transform your dog into your ideal family companion.

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Off-Leash Program
Dog Behavior Consultation
Puppy Consultation

In 4 lessons, your dog will learn to come when called  - even when distracted, walk on a loose leash, sit/down and stay until released, and go to mat command. Stops problem behaviors such as jumping, dashing through doors, sniffing and eating off counters, chewing, digging, and more.

Private in-home session. Address problem behaviors such as going to the bathroom in the house, trouble settling in crate, jumping on people, going crazy at the door, pulling on leash, and more.

Private in-home session. Learn how to start your puppy off right as a new member of your pack. Issues include housebreaking, crate training, leash walking, nipping and chewing, and more.


A Few of our Happy Clients

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I just have to tell you how pleased I am with what you were able to accomplish with my dog.  A ninety-pound German Shepherd is no fly weight, but thanks to your training, I can handle her easily and we now both enjoy our walks together....

Ami began biting me when we encountered other dogs in our neighborhood ... Fortunately, my veterinarian referred me to Maureen who immediately recognized this behavior as “leash aggression” ...

Miraculous would not be too strong a word to describe the changes in Emma, my 10 month old 65lb. Retriever/Lab mix, following her training with Maureen. An adorable, smart, mischievous rescue dog, Emma could not be left loose for one si...

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