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Off Leash Private Lesson

Imagine your dog returning to you happily when called off leash  every time and walking nicely by your side when on leash - even with distractions.

Train one-on-one with our trainer to teach your dog to come when called off leash in 4 sessions. We work with your dog's natural drive to be part of a pack, developing off-leash focus on you regardless of any distractions.

Lessons are conducted in your home and neighborhood where your dog's behaviors happen.



Your dog will also learn what NOT to do:

  • Not to jump on people - no matter how old or young

  • Not to dash through doors or up and down stairs

  • Not to bark uncontrollably

  • Not to sniff and eat off counters or tables

  • Not to jump on furniture you don't want them on.

Your dog will learn to:

  • Come when called on or off leash - every time!

  • Sit or down and stay until released

  • Go to place mat and stay until released

  • Walk nicely on a loose leash with EVERY member of family

  • Be well-behaved in company.

Includes a high-quality remote training collar, introduced gently by our trainer, along with 4 private lessons to ensure you and your dog are working happily together. Lessons last approximately 90 minutes.

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