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Our dog was a terrible walker, he pulled a lot and only wanted to go a certain route at a certain time of the day. After doing a consultation with Maureen we've seen immediate improvement. She was so patient with our dog and explained everything clearly to us as well. I was skeptical that one session could 'fix' our dog, but I was proved wrong. Maureen has so much knowledge and experience and she knew exactly what our dog needed. We cannot recommend her enough!   Diana

Dog Behavior Consultation

We meet with you and your dog in his/her own environment where the problem behavior happens rather than a classroom full of unruly dogs. Your family's at-home interaction is a key to fully understanding and solving your dog's behavior problem.


We address problem behaviors such as:


  • Going to the bathroom in the house

  • Trouble settling in crate

  • Jumping on people

  • Going crazy at the door

  • Pulling on leash.

Consultation lasts from 75 - 90 minutes.

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